It’s here! It’s here!!

So yeah, exciting news! After months of messing around and tweaking stuff, I am happy to unveil my new site

Dad’s Toolkit

Dads Toolkit Logo


As the name suggests, this new site is specially for dads, Christian dads to be exact. I have been writing bible based devotions on Faith Comes From Hearing for a couple of years now and while it has been great, God has placed a burden on my heart to build up godly men, who will in turn raise godly children.

Therefore in my new site, the devotions will be purely parenting focused. As with this site, I will only write what God speaks to me so I cannot commit on frequency of posts or topics I will cover. But I do know that it will be exciting and beneficial to anyone who drops by.

So dear friends, do pay a visit and if you are so inclined, do tell your friends to check it out, especially if they are Christian dads with small children.

…and no, I’m not abandoning Faith Comes From Hearing. I will continue to post as and when God leads.




  1. Wonderful, Stephen! I love the fresh look, clean organization, and that toolbox! One suggestion: make sure you add that site to your Gravatar profile so when people check you out, they’ll see all the sites you offer. Cheers!


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